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Drone-ing on

Let me on drone on for a bit...I just uploaded our latest highlight reel, Brittney + Nick, and it involvled

our first ever drone footage! It was fun to get some fun establishing shots of the grounds before the big

celebration occurred!

I recall my old roommate telling me to get a drone and I just never saw the need or reason for it in the budget...but after seeing other wedding videos and reels, it's a necessity almost.

Now, using a drone and getting the footage also depends on the area. Chicago can be difficult to get

some drone footage unless you're a master, it's been approved, or your grandfathered in. I am still

hesitant about using the drone in the city.

It also has to have a purpose. I know many videographers cringe when they see a reel start with a drone shot, but ya know what? It looks epic and draws in the viewer! Especially any of our followers who aren't used to drone shots showing up in our reels.

I guess the point of this post is not so much to ramble, but to address the future. I was very much against upgrading to DSLR cameras back in the day and I am not sure why I didn't do it sooner! I need to be faster when acquriing more videos and tools to create even greater wedding videos!

I hope you enjoyed my latest blog post!

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