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The time I almost quit the biz...

I can't recall exactly when it was, but there was a time when I grew disillusioned of the wedding videography industry. At this point in time, I was mostly shooting for bigger companies and creatively, I felt hampered. Working for one company, I grew too comfortable towing the company line. Also during this time, I was getting more hours and promoted at my full time television gig and landed another part time gig at a college sports network.

Shooting weddings felt stale and not fun anymore.

There was a specific moment when I was shooting a ceremony with my old DV camera that still used video tapes. I'm standing there in this big church by myself looking into the small LCD viewfinder so discouraged by what I saw. I wanted it to be over...I didn't want to shoot weddings anymore.

I was very against the idea of upgrading my gear and learning a new style and method. But I saw examples of what a wedding video could look like on DSLR. I tried DSLR on one wedding and knew right then and there...I had to switch. The passion to tell these stories was back...and this was the start of going on my own shooting weddings. No more working for other companies.

In addition to changing our approach to shooting weddings, I also changed the way we edit. No more music videos and more story. Audio from throughout the day would narrate the big day of a bride and groom. I started referring to our wedding videos as short films and not music videos.

I'm so glad I had my 'Rocky 2' moment...I had regained my passion and determination to tell these stories...and I haven't looked back yet!

Stay tuned!

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