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Preferred love!

Last weekend, my fiance and I went to visit a wedding venue for our future nuptials...and both her and I loved it! I had been to the venue before as a videographer for a wedding on Labor Day weekend in 2016. After shooting that wedding, I knew in my heart of hearts that I wanted to have our wedding there if we stayed in the US...and the fiance loved it and we booked it!

The venue is Oak Hill Weddings in Apple River, IL....just outside Galena. It's a beautiful farm setting with old shops, barns, and a church that was relocated on the Oak Hill grounds many years ago.

The owner's name is Becky and she is great. She asked to see the video I shot there over a year ago and she loved it so much, she asked if we would like to be a preferred vendor of Oak Hill. I happily accepted!

It's very exciting to be a preferred vendor for such a cool venue.

It's even more exciting to know that I will be marrying the love of my life at Oak Hill next summer in front of family and friends.

To think, I probably never would have known about this wonderful place if I hadn't shot a wedding there.

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