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  • What makes you different than other Wedding Videography companies?
    A lot of companies out there like to take the "music video" approach for their videos. That's great, but we like to tell a story using the audio from the day. Audio is super IMPORTANT! We LOVE using audio. Whether we use audio from your interviews, letters, or the words of the adds a very important and wonderful layer to the video. Editing is also very important. We limit the amount of weddings we book because I (Rhys) personally edit the reels myself. I don't want to come off as arogant, but I value my skills as an editor and know I can deliver a great story for you to cherish for years to come!
  • What is included in the package?
    It all depends on what you want! But here is what is most popular to include! 8-9 hours coverage 1-2 Videographers Ceremony and reception coverage Bride and Groom prep for 9 hours Interviews with bride and groom during prep 5-10 Minute Highlight Reel (The video you will watch over and over again!) Edited Ceremony and Reception videos (Including intros, toasts, dances and more!) Links to download the video files Mic for the groom to catch high quality audio of the vows
  • What kind of style are your videos?
    Our style for the most part is photo journalistic. We like to stay more behind the scenes but also get the big moments. In recent years, we have begun conducting interviews with the bride and groom during prep time and it adds a nice narrative (voice over) to the highlight reel. For the highlight reels, we like add different FX that create a unique look to the video...sometimes creating a vintage or cinematic look to your video. All in all though, we tell stories. The style of our stories depends on your story...let us tell it!
  • How are my videos delivered?
    We deliver all videos digitally. Either you will get a Vimeo link with a download button or a dropox link that includes all your videos!
  • Do you tell stories outside the Wedding realm?
    We do! We love telling all kinds of stories, whether it be a new store or business...we love crafting the tale!
  • How long does it take to get my videos?
    We usually deliver within 3-6 months. That may sounds like a long time, but our wedding days are monimum of 8 hours. We run a minimum of 3 cameras that sometimes are running continuously and simultaneously. That's a lot of footage AND audio to look through and pick from to craft your story!
  • What equipment will you bring?
    We arrive on the day with a variety of items. They include: Lights 3-5 Cameras Tripods, monopods, and light stands Audio equipment But we keep it out of the way, not to be seen!
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