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My first blog post!

So, I started a blog! I am not sure what to write about...I guess I will begin with why I got into wedding videography...or maybe, why I got into video in general!

A long time ago in a small town not too far away, I would make silly (DUMB) movies with the family

camcorder. They would range from a puppet talk show to an intergalactic duo saving the galaxy from evil

one cul-de-sac at a time!

I got a little older and stopped playing around with the slightly more into sports.

But when I hit 8th grade, I watched a friend of my brother's edit a video. He added in titles, music, and

LASERS! Lasers I tell ya! I was was so much stupid fun, I needed to make my own.

All throughout high school, whenever we needed to do a class project...I jumped at the chance to make

it a video. My group of friends and myself adapted Fahrenheit 451, Animal Farm, and other stories. I would

add in music, titles, and LASERS MYSELF! It was a blast. This passion for making stupid videos pushed me

to go to Columbia College Chicago.

Near the end of my collegiate career, I felt like I would never make it in the film industry. Everyone around me seemed so far was discouraging. I did a 6 week semester in Los Angeles and loved it. I met some really creative and cool people...not to mention got yelled at by actor Jeffrey Tambor. But when I came home, I didn't know what to do. I dabbled in graphic design, but that went nowhere fast. College wasn't over yet as I still had 3 credits left. The final 3 credits came down to either an online class about god knows what or an internship at WCIU The U. I can only imagine where my life would be right now had I taken the online class.

The internship turned into a full time job at the television station. There I learned a lot about cameras and audio that led me to believe I could venture outside television and into the videography realm. I saw an ad on craigslist looking for videographers and I replied. This is where I give a big shout out to Jason Groh. He trained me in the ways of the force. He was my Jedi master in regards to wedding videography. I took those skills and branched out on my own...and I've been telling these love stories ever since.

Hopefully this interested you and my goal is to keep blogging about...well, whatever! You tell me!

Stay tuned,

Rhys McIntyre

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