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So outside the realm of wedding videography and videography in general, I work in the world of live television "news." I put news in quotes because I work at a station that isn't known for its news, but I think that's changing. The show I work on is fun but also reports on the relevant news in the area.

Every morning, a reporter and myself head out to a location and report on a story relevant to the city of Chicago or perhaps also relevant nationally. Today we went out to Dixon, Illinois to cover a school shooting...not to bring down the tone of this post...but that's the life of a "photog" in television. It was a 2 hour drive from the station and involved a stop at McDonald's and some Mountain Dew...

If you walk into the newsroom, I am one of many who are Columbia College alum, but I am one of few who majored in film. I think that has helped my eye while shooting different pieces for the various shows I have worked on. Film and live television are very different, but also both fun.

I have produced some segments in the past for the old show I worked on and also met some minor celebs and major celebs. I've been inside the locker rooms of the Chicago Cubs and Bulls. Have walked on the field at Wrigley Field...I've also worked with some television legends and feel honored to have done so.

This is just a little look into my life outside videography...hopefully you enjoyed it!

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